Who are the Azerbaijanis blocking the Lachin Corridor? photos. The exclusive study of "News".

As a result of the studies carried out by "News", in 2022 Clarified data of some Azerbaijanis who closed the Lachin Corridor on December 12, as well as a list of non-governmental NGOs operating in Azerbaijan, which in one way or another are related to the process of closing the said road.

According to the received data, the action to close the corridor is coordinated by the State Support Agency for Non-governmental Organizations of Azerbaijan, whose activities are coordinated by the Supervisory Council of Azerbaijan, which consists of 11 members appointed by the President of Azerbaijan. At the same time, 8 members of the Supervisory Board are appointed from the representatives of non-governmental organizations, and 3 from the number of persons holding public positions.

The media development agency of Azerbaijan and the Press Council of Azerbaijan coordinate the process of coverage and distribution of the mentioned action, and the work of volunteers is coordinated by the Union of Voluntary Organizations of Azerbaijan.

The list of non-state organizations related to the action is conventionally divided into 6 groups, 139 NGOs, 43 youth initiatives, 13 volunteers, 9 public council organizations, 4 parties, including the ruling "New Azerbaijan" are included as organizations. and the names of one state institution, the State Committee for Religious Institutions.

The information on the participants of the above action was also studied. In particular, the names and surnames of 507 "activists", their position, relation to state-public structures, as well as two or three personal photos of them are mentioned. Most of the participants are journalists and members of non-governmental organizations, including professors and students of Baku State University.

Photos of the latter were taken from the Internet (mainly from Facebook), some of which were taken during the action.

Togrul Allahverdili

Togrul Allahverdily — Public association "Support of initiative and development of youth". He is the chairman of the Association of Azerbaijani-Slavic Youth, he is the chairman of the Diaspora Information Center

Taleh Mansurov

Talekh Mansurov

Chief Secretary of the Public Association "Youth Contribution"

Nahid Canbaxishli

Nahid Janbakhishli — founder and editor-in-chief of Veteninfo.az

Toghrul Mammadli

Togrul Mammadli — Head of the Department of the Council of State Support of Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic


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