The 28-year-old son of a former official who swallowed a suspicious package while getting out of the car died in the hospital.

Today, on January 26, 28-year-old Hayk B, a resident of Yerevan, died in the intensive care unit of "Armenia" Medical Center. He was taken to the hospital with an extremely serious diagnosis by the police when he swallowed a suspicious package at the scene, as a result of which his well-being had worsened.

Let's remind that in January, the law enforcement officers received operational information that 28-year-old Hayk B., a resident of Yerevan, was keeping narcotics in the Mercedes G 500 car he was driving, as well as in his possession.

On the section of the road leading from Baghramyan Avenue to the well-known "Orbeli Tunnel", the patrols stopped Hayk B.'s car and the driver, getting out of the car, swallowed something.

Already at the hospital, the reception staff had presented the police with his belongings, which were found in the pockets of his clothes, and there was also a paper-wrapped white powder weighing 0.62 grams.

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