One of the houses in Yerevan has partially collapsed. Ministry of Internal Affairs

On January 26, at 18:03 p.m., the National Center for Crisis Management was alerted that one of the houses on Rostovyan street in Yerevan partially collapsed, there is a risk of collapse again. help is needed. We learn about this from the rescue service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

One combat team from the fire-rescue squad of the rescue department of Yerevan city of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the operative group of the National Crisis Management Center went to the scene.

It was found that the outer wall (40st-1nd floor) of the uninhabited two-story tufa house (about 2 square meters) collapsed, about 18 square meters. There are cracks on the walls about 2 m long and 3 mm wide, there is a danger of collapse. there are no casualties.

The rescuers demarcated the area.

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