A baby weighing 7 kilograms was born

The Brazilian woman gave birth to a seven-kilogram baby, Independent writes. The mother had to perform a caesarean section.

27-year-old Clidiana dos Suntos gave birth to her son, Anderson, in the Amazonas state hospital. At the time of birth, the child weighed seven kilograms and was about 60 centimeters tall. The boy has reportedly broken the record to become the largest newborn in the state.

Due to the characteristics of the child, the doctors were worried that the delivery would be difficult, but in the end, everything ended successfully. Klidiana feels well and is happy that she finally became a mother of many children. The woman praised the medical staff of the hospital for their care and attention.

"I don't know what would have happened to me if they weren't there," he added.

Now the woman is preparing to be discharged from the hospital and plans to spend time with her family.

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